Shark clean and dock blinking

Remove debris like clumps of hair, socks, or any other object that may be in the Robot’s docking area. With the charger plugged in and the docking area already sorted, if you still have issues with the Shark Ion robot not charging, you may be having problems with the battery.

The meaning of flashing lights on your Shark vacuum largely depends on their color. Blue flashing lights indicate that the battery is charging on cordless models. However, flashing red indicators point to overheating, a burnt motor, or a jammed brush roll. Make sure the Dock Plate is facing upright. Slide the Charging Post into the slot on back of dock until it clicks. 4. Place the dock on the floor near a wall outlet. Plug the Wall Charger into the outlet, then connect the cord to the port on the back of the charging post. 5. Store cleaning accessories on the mount on the dock plate. CLEAN BUTTON Press to begin a cleaning session. Press again to stop. RECHARGE & RESUME Press and hold the CLEAN button for 15 seconds to turn Recharge & Resume ON or OFF. NAVIGATION MODULE Please keep clear and do not cover. Upward-facing sensor aids advanced navigation. In Use Full Charge (Blue) Partial Charge (Blue) Low Charge (Red) While ....

Blinking or flashing lights – Those lights usually indicate, that the battery level is low or charging. However, this can also indicate, that something is wrong with the vacuum. Not showing any lights – If there are no lights showing, this could mean, that the vacuum isn’t in the correct mode, or it’s not receiving any power.




Shark robotic vacuum cleaner--it is charged but when push blue clean button it turns red and says dock, My Shark iq robot !000 Ae is continually going in circles. I've had my robot for 2 years, only cleaned the dining room. my shark ion robot keeps beeping when in docked charge mode. Connect to the charger either directly or in the docking station. The blue LEDs on each side of the battery should light up. Which lights are showing? ... Remove the charger from the machine and pull the trigger. ... If the LED lights blink on/off for approximately 10 seconds when the trigger is pulled, please select 'LED lights blinking'.

Why is my Shark blinking red? 1 Answer: Chrish Kho. NOTE: If the low charge light is blinking red, there is not enough charge for the robot to return to the dock. Manually place the robot on the dock, leaving a half-inch space between the front of the robot and the face of the dock. ... How can I deep clean my car seat without a vacuum?.

However, the blinking light is usually not an issue as it either means that the battery charge is running low or that the vacuum is being charged. ... You can follow our steps below to decode the cause, fix the issue and enjoy your Shark cleaning again..